[jo joo-uh ls] 1. a precious possession. 2. a treasure, as a star.


JoJewels™ showcases way-of-life fashions derived from real art. Organized into four segments, it is designed to offer unusual accents: Mix-and-match garments; semi-precious stone jewelry; reversible handbags; on-demand regalia.

Primarily showcasing mix-and-match wearable fashions, the site also offers magnificent handmade jewelry, crafted from semi-precious gemstones, and an eclectic mix of objets d'art and items to pamper your senses—offering the discerning visitor ways to express his or her own artistic spirit through treasures that enhance daily living in the office, at home, or in a garden retreat.

In a world in need of balance, beauty, and tranquility, JoJewels not only offers touches of each through Adornments for Body and Soul. As visitors browse among a range of items to enhance their surroundings, they can choose from beautiful fashions, spirited décor, and other accessories for a private serenity space; lights to enhance working, living, or garden sanctuary.

You are invited to enter and be soothed with inspirations and Adornments for Body and Soul. A rainbow of colors and a wonderland of treasures await you!